Spring Refresh: Organizing your household and important documents!

We are so happy Spring is here, and we wanted to help you refresh your organization systems within your home, taxes, and school. We pulled together our favorite How-To videos from YouTube.  There are so many strategies that can help you get more organized and manage everything from your household to your school documents. Check out our favorite videos below.

Household Management Binder

Generally speaking, the purpose of a home management binder is to help keep track of the various bits and things that keep our homes running smoothly.  People use home management binders/notebooks/systems for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • to keep important home/house information organized in one place
  • to help keep track of home maintenance tasks and other seasonal jobs
  •  a place to keep information other members of the family might need
  •  a reference book for all the things that keep home and family life running smoothly
  • to help store plans in case of an emergency

Product Recommend:  The Classic or The Printed Mighty Tab

Coupon Organization

To a certain extent when you use coupons you’re exchanging time for money. That’s because it takes time to find the right coupon at the right time, and use it to save some cash.

The goal of any organization system is to reduce the amount of time it takes you to find your coupons, thereby maximizing your money savings and time savings.

Product Recommend:  Coupon sleeve & Dual 301

Tax & Receipt Organization

As you pay bills, or otherwise get documents throughout the year that you will need to reference again when preparing your year’s tax returns it is important to put everything into a personal tax organizer system so everything is organized and ready to reference when you sit down to do your taxes (or give to your tax preparer)

Product Recommend:  EFF-30

School Organization

We wrote a whole blog about why it helps to be organized in school and how to set goals to get there. Below is just one way to get organized for school! Find the system that works best for you.

Product Recommend: ACC-21 & The Slim 621 FN (1 binder 1 subject)

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