The Workstation Deluxe



What do you do when you need a binder bag that allows you to set up the perfect desk for studying or working anywhere?

You get the Workstation Deluxe by Case•it, a unique zipper binder, and a work-out of laptop case combination. This amazingly durable and versatile zipper binder makes it easy to set up a desk anywhere and carry all the essentials you will need for your day.

The Workstation is a unique zipper binder with two main compartments and 3 key features that make it the perfect mobile desktop. You get a strong removable 3-ring binder with elastic strap clopsure that makes it easy to store otherwise loose sheets of paper and quickly flip through them without worrying about tearing the punched holes. Because you can remove the strap binder from the main compartment you can use it for note-taking while working on your laptop. The 1-inch binder holds up to 175 pages!

The main compartment has an attached 5 tab 6 pocket expanding file folder for paper organization. Pen Loops and a mesh pocket allow you to store your writing utensils and small accessories. The main compartment also stores a small laptop and/or tablet (up to 13 inches). The zipper opening of the laptop compartment opens so you can open your laptop and just start working. For additional security the compartment has velcro and elastic straps to keep your tech from shifting on the go. The laptop also has triangle stands that allow the file folder to stand at a 90-degree angle for a compact work area and some privacy when working in a public setting.

This innovative mobile desktop solution is perfect for professionals and students alike. Working virtually from anywhere makes remote learning and careers feel more organized and when the work is done, clean up is easy you just zip it up and set it to the side. Case•it is committed to providing high-quality, long-lasting organizational products that stand up to the rigors of modern life, all in a way that is fun and culturally connected – and the Workstation Deluxe meets such high standards of excellence. Constructed for durability, this binder is also easy to carry with either a handle or shoulder strap as you go throughout your day. Ideal for work, school, or travel, the Workstation Deluxe will help you stay organized and move around efficiently. The best part is you can now work from anywhere!

Weight 1.98 oz
Dimensions 3.805 × 12.008 × 14.252 in



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