The Slim Tab

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Want a binder you can trust to help you keep organized without all the bulk? Look no further than Case-it’s Slim Binder, a 1-inch O-ring binder created with you in mind. This binder for home, work, or home comes equipped with everything you need to keep your writing utensils and documents organized in one easy-to-carry format. Inside this innovative piece, you’ll find a zipped pocket for pencils, pens, or any other small thing you may need with you such as calculators, flash drives, highlighters, or a hand-sized notebook. No more worrying about searching for these items in another bag. The Slim helps you stay prepared each time you use it. Something that sets this fun, organizational binder apart from others is the built-in file folder. It expands and consists of 6 pockets for you to take advantage of. Even better is the fact that it comes with 5 color tabs. It’s easy to engage in keeping your work and important documents in order when the Slim already has everything set up for you! If that wasn’t enough, it also has an exterior pocket that zips up. Store objects there for easy access without needing to open the entire binder. The Slim encompasses the idea of “slim but mighty.” Its superior quality construction means that it’s made of Kraft board to ensure it holds its stiff, sturdy shape over time instead of warping or buckling so count on being able to use it for a long time. Thanks to its sleek design, it’s a breeze to take from place to place whether you use it as a binder for home as a way to keep your office paperwork in order. Personalize this 3-ring binder by choosing from the array of colors it’s available in such as purple, black, and blue. You can choose to make it a cute, fashion piece or choose more of a business look. Instead of giving up functionality for a convenient slim size, Case-It’s The Slim gives you the best of both!

Key Product Features
  • THREE RING BINDER: O Ring binder 1” capacity with a 5-color tabbed, 6-pocket expanding file folder
  • FEATURES: Includes 2 hold down pages with multiple pockets, keeps contents secure, Removable zippered pencil pouch included
  • MULTIPLE USES: Case-it produces quality binders offering unique organizational tools for home use
  • MATERIAL: Uses Kraft board instead of PE board to give its binders a firm, stiff shape that won’t buckle or warp. The spine is specially designed so that your binder can lay flat when open, making it easier to add or take papers out, and to take notes in. Case-it produces quality binders offering unique organizational tools for home use

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red


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