The Tri-Zip



Oh, no. It’s happening again. You have a pencil case, but the single-pocket pouch is so stuffed with all your writing utensils and other necessary items for class or work that you can’t find the one thing you need. Sound familiar? Luckily, you can save yourself from the hassle of always hunting to find what you need by investing in Case-It’s The Tri-Zip. The Tri-Zip takes your pencil case organizer to the next level with its practical design. Instead of one outside, zippered pocket, this pencil pouch has three zippered pockets you can easily access from the outside. The rectangular pockets are layered to create one small, one medium, and one large compartment. Thanks to this innovative layout, it’s like having three pencil organizers in one! Feel free to store larger objects like your calculator in the biggest compartment and smaller objects like pens or flash drives in the smallest one. Keeping your pencil and pen storage organized has never been easier. Case-It dedicates itself to making superior products, and this zippered pencil case is no exception. Equipped with reinforced grommets, the high-quality of The Tri-Zip ensures the reliability of your pen storage. It also fits all standard 3-ring binders for your convenience. With multiple different color options available, you can choose the color that best matches your preference and personality. The quality delivered by Case-It coupled with the fun, organizational style makes The Tri-Zip an engaging pencil case for all your writing utensils or small office supplies. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll benefit from having The Tri-Zip at your desk.

Weight 0.18 oz
Dimensions 0.39 × 7.44 × 9.65 in

Black, Blue, Magenta


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