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Back to School Basic Training – Things You Need to Have

Everything you need for school fits right in here - The Universal.

We love this time of year here at Case•it.

It’s what we spend the bulk of the year working toward — that is getting all our friends and fans ready and rarin’ for the new school year.

We want to be sure that when July and August roll around, you have access to the best Back to School binders, accessories and other products for organizing your world.

That said, we put together a list of items you must remember to get your hands on for the school year ahead. Please feel free to use this as a check list:

Anything else you can think of? Comment on it or post it to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

We’ll add it to our list and publish the full check list for August.


The Universal holds even a change of clothes and a snack.

Back to School Locker Organization

Here’s one student’s take on how to decorate your locker and have fun with it.

She’s all about Back to School supplies, which we love.


Case•it Designs: Faster and Sleeker Than Ever

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Helpful Video: Organizing to Help Your Parents

Now here’s a young person who clearly has his priorities in order:

Home Organizing Planner – Summer Project!

Case•it Humor: You Have to See This!

Win 2 FREE Binders for Sharing Yours!


Organizing your life need not be a chore. It can fun and even personal. Many of our biggest supporters take the time to add a personal touch to their favorite binders, mostly because they believe in their efforts to organize themselves so much that they want to put their stamp on the tools they use to stay organized.

It’s for this reason that Case•it wants to celebrate our community. For the next couple months, we will be asking our fans to share their favorite personalized binders with the rest of the community by uploading images of those binders to Facebook. We will take many of them and post them to our web site at for voting and give our community a chance to vote on the ones they like best.

In addition, anyone who submits an image will be entered to win two FREE binders of their choice.

Just upload your image to our Facebook fan page. We’ll review and select them for our voting both and open voting.

Remember, you can be organized and still have your own personal style. Binders are always best when they are customized to reperesent their owners.

So get organized; get a binder; and get down to business.

School’s Almost Over; Let’s Get Back to School

There’s no better time of the year to prepare for the new school year than as the current one is ending. Case•it is a big supporter of this and, in turn, we get things going with big discounts at our store.

For instance, we want to let consumers know about our bulk order program in which you can purchase quantities of 100 or more binders at a time for your school or organization and get rewards points and discounts for doing that.

This June we have a special “School’s Out” deal in which you can purchase any binder and accessory for cost savings. There’s an ongoing deal with 5 percent off for any mobile purchase on our Case•it app and we are beginning a social sweepstakes in which we ask our fans to share their personalized binders and we will share those in our Case•it voting booth.

And, of course, we are welcoming all Case•it ambassadors to sign up and take advantage of all these special deals — you’re a part of team.

All this is happeningh beginning in June in our continued effort to support the idea that organization begins now, with you. We hope you agree and get involved. See you at

The PAD-40: One Fan’s Review of a Business Binder

Here’s one fan’s impressions of the Pad-40 Padfolio. He walks you through it — feature by feature.

Check it out:

The PAD-40: A Video Review

Create a Binder and Win Two


If you share with us on Facebook the coolest looking binder you can create either by using the Case•it Create it tool or your own ingeninuity and craftsmanship, we will enter you in a sweepstakes to win 2 new Case•it binders of your choice.

Just post an image of the final binder once you’ve completed the Create it process or crafted one of your own.
The submissions begin this month on Facebook and go through June and July. We’ll let the public vote on those they like. You can buy the fan-created binders as well. Winners will be selected by end of summer.

Share your creativity by posting your best binders.

Case•it’s Top 5 Ways to Get Organized for Summer


5. Create a list of organizing tasks you’ve always wanted to accomplish and schedule each one with a clear plan for how you expect to complete that task

4. Assess what you don’t like about your organizational skills (or lackthereof) now and determine how you can change those things.

3. Practice being aware of the part of you that is disorganized, unfocused and generally disorderly. When you notice something, think about it and what you can do to change it.

2. Invest in some organizing tools – file cabinets, closest space, paper clips, folders, binders, etc and put them to some good use.

1. Clear out all that CLUTTER! (You know what I’m talking about.)


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