The Printed Mighty Zip Tab


Aqua OmbreAqua OmbreBlack BandanaBlack BandanaBlue DaisyBlue DaisyDigital Camo BlackDigital Camo BlackDigital Camo BlueDigital Camo BlueJapanese WaveJapanese WavePastel IridescentPastel IridescentPurple GalaxyPurple GalaxyTIE DYE SPIRAL BLACKTIE DYE SPIRAL BLACKTIE DYE SPLOTCH BLUETIE DYE SPLOTCH BLUE

Get the perfect binder for back-to-school or work. The Printed Mighty Zip Tab by Case•it comes with an internal file manager, mesh pockets, and shoulder strap!

The Printed Mighty Zip-Tab is the ideal binder to keep you organized at school or work. This 3-ring binder can hold up to 600 sheets of paper with its 3” O-ring design. You’ll find it easy to keep your worksheets organized by subject or topic with a 5-tab, multi-color extendable file manager accessible when fully opened and through a special u-shaped side zip.

Within this binder, you can carry all your school supplies or work accessories with a mesh pocket on the back of the binder that’s large enough to hold a standard-sized sheet of paper and a front zipper pocket that can hold pens, pencils, and other small accessories. You’ll also find two elastic holders inside to help you stay organized throughout your day. This zipper binder comes with a shoulder strap so you can easily move around hands-free, making it an ideal accessory for your on-the-move lifestyle. There’s even an easy-hold handle on the spine. Made of stiff and durable Kraft board and covered with dobby, your binder is designed to stand up to heavy use. To help make your busy day easier, the patented angled zipper stays out of the way when you’re taking notes and self-corrects when pulled back to the gusset.

The Printed Mighty Zip-Tab comes in many colors and prints to best express your personality!

Weight 2.16 oz
Dimensions 3.74 × 12.992 × 13.11 in

Aqua Ombre, Black Bandana, Blue Daisy, Digital Camo Black, Digital Camo Blue, Japanese Wave, Pastel Iridescent, Purple Galaxy, TIE DYE SPIRAL BLACK, TIE DYE SPLOTCH BLUE, TIE DYE WATER PURPLE


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