Medium Portable Medical Binder / Organizer

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The Large Med Manager is the ultimate medication organizer, designed to streamline your daily medication routine and keep your medical information in one convenient place. With its comprehensive features, it offers a complete solution to manage your medications, doctor’s appointments, medical history, and more.

This medical binder includes a weekly pill planner, allowing you to easily organize and track your medications for each day of the week. The pill chopper ensures accurate dosage, while the magnifier helps with reading prescription labels and instructions. The USB thumb drive provides a secure digital storage option for your medical records, ensuring easy access when needed. Additionally, the included note pad allows you to jot down important notes or reminders.

No more hassle with different pill bottle sizes. The Large Med Manager can accommodate a wide variety of standard pill bottles, keeping them securely in place and easily accessible whenever you need them. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for the right bottle in a cluttered medication cabinet.

The patented 5-color tabbed detachable expanding file folder adds a new level of organization to your medical records. Categorize and store important documents, such as lab results, doctor’s notes, and insurance information, with ease. The detachable design allows for convenient access and portability.

Transporting your medication and medical documents is a breeze with the handle and shoulder strap. Carry it comfortably wherever you go, whether it’s to the doctor’s office, pharmacy, or on a trip. The rip-stop material with its square pattern provides durability and prevents tearing, ensuring the safety of your medications and documents.

The Large Med Manager is your go-to solution for efficient medication management and organizing your medical information. Stay on top of your health with this comprehensive and reliable tool, designed to simplify your daily routine and provide peace of mind.

Key Features:
  • The Perfect Medication Organizer To Help You Manage Your Daily Medications, Doctor’s Appointments, Medical History And More!
  • Medical binder Includes a weekly pill planner, pill chopper, magnifier, USB thumb drive and note pad.
  • Holds a wide variety of standard pill bottles
  • Patented 5-color tabbed detachable expanding file folder
  • Handle and shoulder strap
  • Rip-stop material square pattern traps and punctures to prevent tearing

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in

Black, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red


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