Large Insulated Medical Binder with Pill Organizer and 6-Pocket Folder

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The Med Manager Deluxe – Diabetes Edition revolutionizes how individuals manage their diabetic medication, offering convenience and peace of mind. This exceptional product provides a seamless and organized experience for storing and transporting medication.

Its insulated pouch is specifically designed to hold insulin and a cold pack, maintaining the optimal temperature. Whether traveling or engaged in daily activities, the medication remains intact and effective.

In addition to the insulated pouch, this deluxe edition includes extra pouches for syringes, lancets, and other diabetic supplies. These compartments ensure all necessary items are conveniently stored together.

The durable elastic loops securely hold glucose meters, test strips, and pen needles, providing easy access to supplies. No more searching through bags or worrying about misplaced items.

For medication adherence, the 7-day pill organizer separates and organizes daily doses effectively. Maintaining a consistent medication schedule is now easier, reducing the risk of missed doses.

The double zipper functionality enables medication locking using a small lock, ensuring security and confidentiality. Feel confident in crowded or public settings with this added protection.

With the 5-tabbed expandable file holder, vital medical documents are easily organized. Store doctor’s notes, lab results, and insurance information for quick retrieval. Save valuable time and effort with this comprehensive organization system.

The Med Manager Deluxe – Diabetes Edition streamlines medication and supplies management with user-friendly design. Take control of your diabetes care confidently with this indispensable tool, ensuring preparedness and ease on the go. Experience convenience and organization with this exceptional product.

Key Features:
  • Perfect for the storage and transport of diabetic medication
  • Insulated Pouch To Hold Insulin And A Cold Pack
  • Extra Pouches To Hold Syringes, Lancets, Etc.
  • Includes Durable Elastic Loops
  • 7 Day Pill Organizer
  • Double Zipper For Small Lock
  • 5 Tabbed Expandable File Holder For Important Medical Documents

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Weight 41.6 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in

Black, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red


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