The X-Hugger Monster



Case•It is proud to present the X-Hugger Monster. For the expressive student or professional, this is the type of zipper binder that dreams are made of. This 3-ring binder with 2-inch O-rings has it all: superior material, extra storage space, multiple ways to carry it, and more! Like Case•It’s other binders, the X-Hugger Monster is also constructed with Kraft board for a high-quality binder you can rely on to keep its sturdy shape and not buckle or warp over time. Another sign of the X-Hugger Monsters’ quality is its rip-stop gusset material that helps prevent tearing. Along with being made to last, this zipper binder’s unique design makes it possible for you to enjoy a high level of functionality paired perfectly with personal and practical additions that make it truly remarkable. The patented angled zipper ensures the gusset conveniently stays out of your way when you’re writing, and you’ll love how easy and comfortable it is to carry the X-Hugger Monster wherever you need with the handle or shoulder strap. Inside this binder, there’s plenty of space for notebooks, documents, and anything else you need for class. A zippered, interior mesh pocket is large enough to store your calculator while also being a great spot to hold your smaller items like pens and pencils. The zipper binder pockets are also big enough to carry small rulers! Behind the mesh pocket is the patented 6-pocket expanding file folder, complete with 5 color tabs to help you stay organized. What’s even more useful is that this file folder comes built-in! The X-Hugger  Monster might be a 2-inch zipper binder but its design makes it possible for it to hold so much more than typical 2-inch binders. That’s because the X holder on the front allows you to carry more notebooks, books, and even hefty textbooks! It’s almost like using a backpack. If you want a fun, expressive binder you get to choose from two monster designs colors available. The X-Hugger Monster binder with a zipper is ready to take on all the organizational heavy lifting, leaving you prepared and able to focus on getting stuff done.

Weight 1.98 oz
Dimensions 4.331 × 11.811 × 13.11 in

Black, Blue


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