The Flip Top Monster


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There may not be a monster hiding under your bed, but you will get a cute monster surprise with this special edition of Case•It’s Flip Top zipper binder. Ever feel like you need more pockets to get through the day? When you’re carrying so many small items to-and-from work or school, you need a way to protect, organize, and easily carry your stuff. And now the Monster Flip Top by Case•It is here to save your day. The Monster Flip Top is a zipper binder designed with a unique cover flap to securely protect everything you’ve got inside. With multiple exterior and interior pockets, you’ll be able to organize all the items you want to carry around for the day – pen, pencils, highlighters, your smartphone, a calculator, some paper clips, a flash drive, your id, a few snacks, and other media can be stowed away for transport and easily accessible when you need it. This is a standard 3-ring binder with 2 whole inches of capacity, so you can clasp the many papers and documents you need for your day. Plus, it features a special ripstop gusset design to stop gusset holes from growing or getting bigger. When it’s time to take notes, you can rely on the patented angled zipper design that ensures the gusset will stay out of the way as your write. Also, you can rest assured that this binder will stay open as you’re trying to write, as the binder’s spine has been specially constructed to lie flat when open. This also makes it a breeze to add or retrieve papers, improving the efficiency of your day. The Flip Top from Case-It is perfect when you’re on the go, as it comes with a built-in handle and also a shoulder strap, so you can easily transport it from place to place.

Weight 1.98 oz
Dimensions 4.331 × 11.881 × 13.11 in

Navy Blue

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