The Clear Backpack



If you want one of the trendiest backpacks, you’ll want a clear backpack such as the Clear Pack by Case-It. Best of all, clear backpacks are now more than just a remarkable cutting-edge organizational item, they are highly recommended by many institutions for security reasons. Schools, sports arenas, and even some airports advocate for clear backpacks because it’s easy to see (and show off!) what you carry inside. A truly functional clear backpack needs to be made with a heavy, durable plastic that will withstand the elements while keeping all your belongings organized and secure – and this backpack delivers with a practical design that makes it easy and fun to express your personality. You get to choose the objects, colors, and designs of whatever you choose to place inside, and thus your backpack can look different every day depending on what you choose to carry! The Clear by Case-It is a high-quality clear backpack made of PVC that can handle the weight of your laptop plus a variety of books and supplies. At 16″ long, this backpack can easily hold not only a standard-sized laptop but whatever else you might need for your school/workday too. It is not only roomy, but it comes with pockets to help you keep all your belongings organized. There’s even a front pocket for additional storage. Best of all, the lightweight durable material can withstand extreme ranges of temperatures, including both hot (up to 110° F) and cold (down to -12° F). Adjustable shoulder straps that are padded make it comfortable to carry, so this backpack is just what you need to showcase your unique personality when you’re on the move. The Clear Pack by Case-It is designed so it should meet the standard of the “Clear Backpack Policy” guidelines advocated by many schools and institutions. It is available with trim in either black or blue to give a pop of personality to this innovative and functional pack.

Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 5.999988 × 11.499977 × 12.999974 in

Black, Blue


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