The Binder Pack 2.0


If you are someone seeking an extra roomy backpack that’s still fun, colorful, and functional, then the Case-It Binder Pack 2.0 is meant for you. Designed with all the functionality of our classic Binder Pack, the Case-It Binder Pack 2.0 features a unique roll-top that will allow you to adjust the length of the pack to whatever you need for that day. There’s even a hideaway adjustable binder holder at the front that securely holds a 3-inch binder while still leaving plenty of room inside for books, lunch, and any other gear you might need for school or work. The hideaway binder holder can even be stored away when not in use, making this backpack supremely convenient for whatever your travels may be. The Case-It Binder pack 2.0 features a padded laptop/tablet pocket that you can access from either the top or the side, so wherever you place down your bag, you can easily get to your computing device. Best of all, this padded laptop/tablet pocket is raised so your device will have extra protection against any bumps and thumps that come as you move through your day. With a large exterior pocket and plenty of inside pockets as well, the Case-It Binder Pack 2.0 is extremely practical and will help you easily stay organized as you move through your day with style and fun. The Case-It Binder Pack 2.0 is not only a high-quality, functional means to staying organized while on the go, it’s also a colorful and expressive way to show off a little personality. This backpack is available in black, blue, pink, and purple so it can match your personal style. This remarkable backpack will keep up with you no matter where you go and what the day will bring.

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple


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