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Making an Impact – Black Educators and Innovators Part 2

When you think of Case•it, innovation and education are in the DNA. Those who innovate and educate are crucial to our society and economy.  In continuation of our Black History Month blog series, we wanted to share with you 6 more very special individuals who are making a significant impact in the classroom, in education, and in the world at large. They are making history. Be sure to check out their social media or blogs to learn more about them.
Jeraul Mackey @jeraul

Is a consultant, trainer, artist, and comedic performer. He uses all his gifts to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for his audience to learn and engage in his work. This is all in addition to being a Ph.D. Candidate in the Culture, Institutions, and society concentration at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  You can engage with Jeraul on Twitter or learn more at

Beverly Ross Denny LinkedIn

Beverly is the COO at the Research for Better Teach, an organization committed to advancing classroom teaching and school leadership. She oversees everything from information technology to marketing. She oversees everything from information technology to marketing. RBT provides a long list of programs that are available for schools and teachers. They also publish books and produce products that encourage their mission.

Rodney Robinson @RodRobinsonRVA

The 2019 National Teacher of the Year by the CCSSO! A 20-year veteran in education, he is currently a Senior Policy Advisor with Richmond Public School. He is also the director of the RVA Men Teach Program, which focuses on recruiting and retaining male teachers of color within the Richmond Public School System. You can learn more about Rodney on his website or engage with him on Twitter/Instagram.

Turquoise Parker @mrsparkersprofessors

She is a public-school teacher, DAE VP, NEA Director. She runs a blog and Instagram account educating those in her community about racial and social justice. You can also engage with her on Twitter/Instagram.

Nadirah Farah Foley  @polumechanos

Nadirah is a Ph.D. candidate in Culture, Institutions, and Society in the Education Ph.D. program at Harvard. She’s worked in higher education and student affairs prior to beginning the doctoral program. She has been published in the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Educations, and more. Her work is rooted in sociology, it delves into issues of culture and inequality. It is focused on how racism and social class influence cultural procedures and student’s encounters within education. You can learn more about her research and writing on her website.

Rachel Cargle @Rachel.cargle

A Public Academic, writer, lecturer, owner/founder of Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing center, Rachel Cargle is a name you should hear a lot about. She is also an activist and founder of the Loveland foundation. You can engage with her’s resources for creating critical discourse around the subject of race with The Great Unlearn. She started by creating a space on Instagram to discuss race and feminism. This expanded to so many important areas that you can learn more about at

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