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Case•it is excited to be sponsor for BAR1 racing team

Hi friends,

Case•it is stoked to be a part of and a sponsor for the BAR1 racing team.

_Case•it Racing Logo

We recently placed 2nd in our class at the 55th Rolex 2 at Daytona.

It’s the start of a new era for Case•it. Excellence in organization has always been our motto.

Now with our racing brand taking center stage, we’ve identified just why Case•it has made the grade for so many years.

We’re all about Innovation and Acceleration and, of course, Excellence. And we do that on and off the race track.

Stay tuned for much more about Case•it Racing and our new line of products in the months ahead.


_Case•it Racing Team

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Prepare for Tax Season

Hi friends,

Tax season is starting now and no better way of organizing yourself than keeping all your files in order from the beginning.

Here is a little video by Home Organizing by on how to prepare your taxes and get organized!




Your Case•it Team

How to Keep Your Coupons Organized

Hi friends,


If you’re a coupon collector, you know that organizing is the key to getting the most savings from your efforts. Keeping your coupons in good order helps you to know where, when and how to use them.


Here is a little video by The Coupon Project on how to organize coupons  that we found extremely useful and wanted to share with you.



If you want to hear more of her insights on organizing coupons, we suggest to read her article on the same topic here!


Your Case•it Team

Memorization: Tips For Organizing Your Ideas

Hi friends,


Close to the Thanksgiving break, there is probably a lot going on in school right now. With the weather getting colder, it is difficult to focus and study for exams and tests.


Organizing is not always something that happens just in your bedroom, in your binder, in your briefcase. In this fast-paces 21st century world of too much always on information, organizing our thoughts and ideas for school or work or just keeping out schedules takes some planning and preparation.


We found this video by Study by Jess on how to memorize information better with little tricks and found this very useful!



In this video Jess is answering a question by one of her fans on how to memorize information better. As she is saying, it really depends on the person because everyone is responding differently to information. She talks about three different learning styles:



1. Visual Learners:


Some people learn best with learning with sight. Techniques for this could include mind maps, illustrations with cards and diagrams. This can help a lot if the information is very difficult and complex and makes it easier to organize it that way to have a good overview.



2. Read/Write Learners:


Similar to the visual learners, instead of mind maps and illustrations, the read/write learners can organize information with writing down sentences to break complex information down. Writing things down from different sources and creating a summary of what is learned helps to keep an overview over the information.



3. Auditory Learners:


This  learning style is for those who learn best with listening to given information. This could be happening when the teacher is explaining something and the person is listening to that information. It is important to not only listen to the information but also really engage and start a conversation or discussion or ask questions. Also, when explaining the information to someone, this can help much to memorize what is learned.



4. Kinaesthetic Learners:


This last way of learning depends on body language and gestures. Jess gives the example of playing charade. This way information can be learned in a playful way and therefor be more memorable.


In addition, here is an overview of the different learning styles in case you want to read more about them:


I hope this helped your learning to be a little bit more organized!


Your Case•it Team


How to Organize your Receipts

Hi friends,


7 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Receipts In Order


Life is busy whether you’re a parent, a professional or both, and there’s really not much time to battle against disorganization. Things fall apart. That’s just how it is.


We all need a little help to battle against these forces.


Even something as trivial as store receipts can tend to pile up and overwhelm us.


You might have a whole pile of receipts at home, in the kitchen or stuffed in a draw or your purse or wallet. Instead of just throwing them away or filling your drawers, you can organize them in a way that can help you come tax time or if you need to return something or even to just keep track of your budget.


Here are 7 tips to organizing receipts:


  1. Create categories and subcategories for all your receipts
  2. Find a contain (ie: a zippered binder works well) in which you can store your receipts.
  3. Start sorting receipts one by one in the container categories so you can easily find them.
  4. Place them in a chronological order so you can easily sort through them.
  5. Staple or paper clip them together as they are small and can easily be lost.
  6. Work at this a little each week – takes just a few minutes — so they do not get piled up and out of control.


Here is an example video on how to organize your receipts:

Shop now! And if you use “ORGANIZEME” in our shop, you’re getting 5% percent off – only now!

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Fall is here!

Hi friends,


All of the sudden it got so cold outside – this means it’s Fall! School has started, leafs are turning and we feel like staying at home in our cozy bed. The new season brings changes in weather but also fresh ideas and new reason to get more structured in your life.


We know that “it’s never too late to get organzied for school”, and the Case•it store has seasons colors and styles to fit the season. We go from Case•it green to more earthy tones – colors like the changing leaves. Check them out!


So what about the Strap Filer Pro in beautiful fall colors like brown, red or orange!

S-915-Blackcolor1-800x800 S-915-Orange1-800x800S-915-Red1-800x800


Or the Open Tab in red or purple!

S-815 Purple-800x800 S-815 Red-800x800


Shop now! And if you use “ORGANIZEME” in our shop, you’re getting 5% percent off – only now!

Your Case•it Team

Tips on Organizing yourself for School

Now that the new school year has started, most of you are prepared and ready for all the challenges that come with the new year. However, for those who feel like they are no entirely ready yet, let us help you! It is not hard to organize yourself if you follow a few points.


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 00.09.35

1. What do you need? 

It is important to understand what you actually need for school. Check your schedule and look at your classes. Every day you might need other supplies depending on the classes you have. If you have Math you might need other things than for your Chemistry class. Some schools also have a supply list, which makes it a little bit easier.

2. Buy your materials / binder you’re comfortable with 

Now that you have the list of your supplies, buy them. After buying all the materials you can easily see how much space you need. Buying a binder is essential and buying the right one is even more important because that binder will be with you all year. Buy a binder that you’re comfortable with. We have all sorts of binders that fit different needs. Check out our online store.

3. Buy dividers 

Now that you found the perfect binders depending on your needs you can buy dividers for your binder that help you to keep your class materials separate in your binder. Clearly label each divider. Keep your classes in order either with numbered dividers or with colored dividers – whatever is your favorite method.

That sounds easy! Doesn’t it?

A good fit is The Slim Tab for everyone who wants to organize themselves now and wants a binder that fits into every school bag. At is light, has a slim profile and the elastic band keeps it closed and secure.

Max out your Mini Binder for Back to School!


Now you can fit all your essentials in one little bulldog of binder.

If you want to save space and max out your efficiency, the Mini binder is the perfect solution.

Prepare yourself for school or office by packing only what you need.

The new Mini Binder Tab binder is the perfect and most recent addition to our collection. It makes life easier because it can pack all the essentials into one little binder that nonetheless holds everything you want.

Its slim profile is the perfect fit for 5.5” x 8.5” paper.

One of its functions is a built-in 5-color tab file with pencil pouch.

inerAdditionally, it has pockets inside and outside, which makes it easy to carry more of the items you want.

And if that doesn’t sound perfect enough already, it is also super light and the zippered closure keeps everything safe!

MB-711-FG Interior 1-800x800MB-711-FG Interior 2-800x800

Get it now as a gift or perfect preparation before school starts!

Click here to purchase!

Max out your Mini!

the Case•it Crew

Bulk Binders Make Great Gifts for Dad and Graduate!



If you’re ready to order binders in bulk this spring/summer, we think we have a great gift for a graduating students and her class and your favorite businessman Dad and his crew.

As an added touch Case•it can personalize and customize our binders for your student and parent.

Custom Binders ordered in bulk make:

1. Convenient cases for your employees to take on the road and carry them into meetings and daily life

2. Promotional gifts to send to your clients who you want to remember you and your company/business

3. A smart gift for graduating students, as they finish their schooling for summer and plan to begin the new school year!


Our Brand a Bulk Order program allows you and your organization to customize our products by placing your logo and colors on a binder or accessory of your choice.

Simply order a minimum of 100 binders by filling out the form below, requesting the style, quantity and colors of your choosing and provide us with your logo or emblem.

The more you order the more money you will save!

Click the image above to learn more details about the program, and start to customize and brand your own.

Interested in Case•it binders and buying in bulk from us?

Get in touch with us directly at 800-441-4710 or email us at now


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