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Submitted by Williams on 27 Apr, 2015

Test blog. Please ignore.

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Organizing Your Sheet Music

Submitted by Case•it on 01 Nov, 2012

Some of our biggest fans are musicians. They know the value of keeping their music orderly and in place. They understand the value of being efficient and making sure all their work is in the right place and easy to find. They are part of our family.

in their honor and as November kicks off, here are some tips to organizing your sheet music:


1 Gather together your entire collection of sheet music. Decide on an organizational strategy, depending on what's contained in your collection. If you exclusively deal with jazz music, for example, you might consider sorting by subgenre, and within each subgenre, sorting artists alphabetically.

2. Separate the sheet music into piles based on type. If you deal with a variety of music, each type could represent a genre. If you're a music instructor, you might sort the sheet music based on difficulty.

3 Alphabetize the individual sheet music piles based on either the artist's last name or the title of the piece, whichever is more convenient and will make locating a piece simpler for you. Place each of these piles into an individual folder. If your collection is large, you may even need a separate folder for each letter of the alphabet.

4 Purchase a filing cabinet crates in which you'll store your folders. Keeping the folders in a pile on your desk won't be much of an improvement over scattering the pieces of music around your office. The goal is to create a system that you can navigate easily. Sheet music can be expensive, so try to find a locking filing cabinet.

5 Consider backing up your sheet music collection electronically. Depending on the size of your collection, this may require a sizable initial time commitment, but will be worthwhile considering the level of protection it offers. Whenever you acquire a new piece of music, use a scanner to copy it to your hard drive. Organize your files into folders just as you would with a filing cabinet. Alphabetization by title will be automatic with this system.

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Brand Your Binder with Case•it

Submitted by Case•it on 26 Oct, 2012

First there was the Create it tool that allowed you to personalize your binder. Now, you can customize bulk orders of Case•it binders with the "Brand My Binder" program.

The Brand My Binder program allows you to place your own logo on one of our products. You can even use your own colors to get into the spirit of your brand with Case•it. We'll make any one of our binders look any way you like it. And the more you buy the bigger the discount on shipping.

Whether you're a corporation looking to increase your presence in the marketplace or an educational institution wanting to promote school spirit, Brand My Binder products help you make your statement.

So give it a try and share it with friends. What's more if your order is confirmed, you will get 10 percent coupon on your next Case•it purchase just for putting it through. 


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Now Anyone Can Create It!

Submitted by Case•it on 19 Oct, 2012

You don't need to register. You don't need to buy. You don't even need to be creative to Create it. All you need to do is click here. Then you Select your binder, Color your binder, Build your binder, Preview your binder and if you like buy, share and save it.

The only time you can Save it is if you are logged in. Otherwise, it's all open and free. Another great way to organize your life with Case•it!

So get creative with Create it.

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The Duals NOW Customized for Coupons

Submitted by Case•it on 11 Oct, 2012

We're listening and hearing what you're saying. It's our mission to give our customers the best binders in the world designed to make your lives more organized, more efficient and just plain easier.

For you couponers, we've just launched "Coupon Central" at, where you can find the best binders for collecting, organizing and filing away those money-saving clippings.

The Dual-100, Dual-250 and The Big Daddy Dual-500 binders have been repackaged with a 10-pack of coupon sleeves, a pencil case holder and more for those of you who want to organize their coupons to unlock their money-saving potential and save more of everything in the end. We call these coupon-ready binders the Dual-100 CPN, the Dual-250 CPN and the Dual-500 CPN.



All are on sale for 10 percent off for this month only!

Check out "Coupon Central" to see what's inside these amazingl binders and discover all the great stuff you can fit in there.

We have links to coupon-related sites and articles that you may be interested in, We share tips and advice with you regularly from the "Ways to Organize" blog form that page. There are also other related binder and accessory products on display for you to check out at "Coupon Central."

See you there!





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Be Social. Be Creative. Save Money.

Submitted by Case•it on 05 Oct, 2012

Hi all,

So, we've done it! We've built a tool at that allows you to design your own binder (exterior, interior and style) and then buy it, share it, save it and sell it. And for every action you take on our site (even simply registering and sharing) you get points toward coupons and savings on binders.

We're super excited about this and what it offers our friends and fans.

We believe in having fun with our products. We, at Case•it, are about organizing and being better prepared for whatever life throws at you -- in school, at work, at home, with finances and shopping and collecting, and on and on. But we're also about style and substance and having a good time with it. We believe in empowering our friends and fans and giving them a voice and canvas on which to be creative.

So check it out.

Create it! Share it! Be rewarded for it!


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Create it with Case•it!

Submitted by Case•it on 28 Sep, 2012

Case•it's much anticipated Create it tool for building your own binder from scratch is here!

In the coming weeks and months, you will be able to color your Classic D-250 binder, logo and handle, choose accessories and design and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and in email. You can buy the binder if you like or save it to your favorites on your My Case•it page.

It all happens in just a few steps -- 1. SELECT IT  2. COLOR IT 3. BUILD IT  4 PREVEW IT.

Case•it wants its fans to take control and design their favorite Classic look and feel. If you like what you see, share it and see if you friends agree. They might want to buy one of your models.

More styles will be coming too!

It's a big moment for Case•it and its fans.

So spread the word.

The Create it tool is here at last.



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The Case it Difference

Submitted by Case•it on 26 Sep, 2012

Here's what we believe separates a Case•it Binder from the rest:

1. Kraft Board:

The infrastructure of our binders is made of Kraft board, which is manufactured from wood pulp and is used where high strength is required. Kraft board is more expensive than the industry standard, PE board which is a thin plastic that is prone to warping.

2. Dual-Rings:

These continue to be our most successful styles. By having two sets of rings, this unique design allows you to store twice as much as a standard ring binder. In addition, we include patent pending hold-down pages, which allow you to secure each side individually. This configuration can be found on Case•it's Dual-100 and Dual-500 binders.

3. Organizational Features:

Many of our products already include all the organizational components you need. Such as built-in 5 tab file folders, pencil cases, media pockets, and a variety of storage solutions.

4. Angled Zipper Gusset:

Our angled zipper gusset enables you to write freely without the gusset getting in your way.

5. Handle and Shoulder Strap:

Almost all of Case•it’s binders feature a handle and padded shoulder strap. This is just one more way Case•it is helping you to “make the grade.”

What makes a difference to you about Case•it products?



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Some of What's To Come at

Submitted by Case•it on 21 Sep, 2012

Dear Case•it Friends,

Here's what we have in store in our store and our our web site in the weeks ahead:

1. A Facebook contest for the best fully loaded binder photo among our friends

2. A new Coupon friendly shopping page that lists our best products for this awesome audience

3. At last, the Create it tool is ready to go. Stay tuned and rev up your creative engines.


4. As election season rolls in, we ask you to vote on your favorite new binder designers

5. Earn rewards points, status and discounts for simply using the Case•it web site to share and interact.

And there's more where that came from....

We're so freakin' excited we could bust.


The Case•it Crew


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A Couple With Lots of Coupon Ideas

Submitted by Case•it on 17 Sep, 2012

Because the fall is our season for couponers:

Here's an interesting blog for all of you out there from "The Thrifty Couple."

Lots of advice and tips and ways to save money with coupons and more.

Have fun!

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Excellence 101: More than Hard Work

Submitted by Case•it on 10 Sep, 2012

As we move into the school year with parents and students once again looking to make the grade,  consider this great article on how keeping things in order is a good habit that will not only save a student time and effort but help give that student the confidence to succeed in whatever they do.

Check out this section of the article on how the right kind of binder can make all the difference.

"If you find yourself stuffing loose papers in your bag or grabbing different notebooks for the same class just because they're close at hand, it's time to stop and regroup. Take an evening to get things organized again.

Maybe you can't carry different spiral-bounds for every class. One solution is to carry a binder that has separate sections. Another idea is to take notes in one notebook and at the end of each day rewrite them in a separate binder. This takes more time, but it is a great study skill because it allows you to read, write, and hopefully summarize all that was important during the schoolday. The more you review material, the more likely you are to remember it."

What do you think?

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August Binder of the Month: King Sized Zip Tab

Submitted by Case•it on 08 Aug, 2012

Long live the King Sized Zip Tab, the D-185, our August Binder of the Month. Get it now for 10% off during the month of August. With a 4" capacity and 5-color tabbed expanding  file, you could keep your whole kingdom inside.  And  you can get to them even when the binder is zipped shut. Cool, right? Find it at

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Binder of the Month: The Dual-500

Submitted by Case•it on 01 Jul, 2012

Hail the Big Daddy Dual, the Dual-500, our Binder of the Month.  On sale now for 10% off during the month of July.  With a 5" capacity to hold everything you need to keep organized; a handle and shoulder strap so you can take it where you need to go; a velcro secured organizer and a removable pencil case with padded media pockets- it's clear why it we cal it Big Daddy. Get it now at

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The Case•it Blog: Ways to Organize

Submitted by Case•it on 01 Jul, 2012

Since Case•it has always been about helping people to stylishly organize their lives, we felt it would be a good idea to maintain a blog for our customers that did the same. So that's the plan.

Our blog will offer tips, articles, video, images, advice, funny tidbits, special offers, interviews and annoucements, all focused on organization. Whether you are a student, a professional, a homemaker, a couponner, classically trained musician or a creative genius with a knack for keeping things neat, Ways to Organize wil be a destination designed to help you along.

And we want you to participate. By no means do we at Case•it belive that we have all the answers to your organization needs. We know that our customers and fans are our best advisors. So please join us on our blog and get into the conversation about how best to "Organize. Excel. Be Cool."

It's what we believe in and what we know you are all about.

So join us!

The Case•it Crew

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Welcome to the Case•it Blog!

Submitted by Case•it on 01 Jul, 2012

Welcome everyone!

Today marks the launch of our new web site. The web site marks a new phase in our commitment to offering our customers the best possible experience around our binders. Here you can shop easily, get discounts and special offers, share your enthusiasm for the Case•it brand and product line with friends through your favorite social network, create a network of your friends, receive our newsletters and alerts about special offers. Soon you will be able to create and customize your binders and, all the while build points toward deals and discounts on binders.

We at Case•it are proud of our product and the tradition of helping people to better organize their lives and doing with a style, grace and simplicity that has set us apart over the years. Our web site reflects our commitment to excellence and we hope you think so to.

Come back as often as you like to buy, share, interact with your friends and others in the Case•it community. In the weeks ahead, you will be able to participate in the shopping experience in ways you never imagined. In addiiton, we will be launching a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices that will bring the Case•it experience to your cell phone.

So check us out! Have fun. Choose from our cool new product line.

And please let us know how we're doing by sending us feedback.

Thank you,

The Case•it Crew


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