"I have had the same Case•it Trapper Keeper for the past 3 years, so I told my dad that I was kind of strange to a binder manufacturer would sponsor a Porsche Racing team... I was in just absolute aw that the owner of Case•it is also a racing team."

MacAlister Livingston, customer

Both my kids need big zipper binders for school. Luckily, they both think the Case-it binders look cool and the Dual will hopefully help keep them organized this year.

Kelly Lavelle, customer

"I just bought my new "Case it" today! and I felt compelled to express my satisfaction with my old one. I started couponing 3 years ago, my first binder I purchased to hold my coupons was a MEAD brand, It lasted 2 days and the rings bent and no longer held my stuff in. I returned it and purchased the "case it". It cost me $20. That $20 was the best investment Ive ever made in a folder. Thank you Case IT. I love your binders, and I will NEVER purchase any other brand. I am living proof that it IS guaranteed to last the school year, and many more!"


Best organization system ever! Durable, efficient, and productive. Thanks for such a great product. (The accessories were an added bonus.)

K A Paquin, customer

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you a quick success story. My son, Will, has had some challenges at school. He has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum and has had extreme difficulty staying organized. Hoping to get this year off to a better start, we have been working on strategies with his teachers but, with an increase in class changes during the day, he is often not prepared for class, not handing in homework assignments that he has actually completed, etc. all because he was not able to get to his locker between classes and cannot carry the full days books and papers. One afternoon walking through Target, Will spotted a Case•it binder that was his favorite color and asked if we would get it for him. Eager to try anything to help him, we did. In the two weeks since he started using it, we have received TWO emails from his teachers remarking how he is more organized, isn't missing assignments and has risen his grades as a result. Again, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent product. And with two school age sons and another entering Kindergarten next year, you will most definitely have a repeat customer in us."

William Ludwig, customer

"Thank you for the excellent customer service in regard to my 6th grade son's binder! I wish everyone had this level of service."
Helena Gutierrez Martensen, customer and marketing professional

"My son has great difficulty with executive functioning skills and your binders have really been a great help keeping him organized and being sure all of his assignments come home when they need to."
Jamie McMullen Hartz, customer

"Just ordered Case•it binder for the 2nd year for my to-be 7th grader. Went with the Z last year & he loved it! Swear he stuffed so much in it that it must've weighed a good 5lbs or more LOL and not one seam from the binder to the strap cracked under pressure!!...  I am MORE THAN pleased with the products & look forward to more!!"
Jenny Agbay Kauffmann, customer

"Best brand on the market."
Leann Carpenter, customer

"Can you guys PLEASE open up a store in Columbus?"
Maddy Jo Katz, customer


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