Use the binder boosters
DO NOT pull the binder rings!
Opening the Rings
Use ONLY outer bumpers to open rings.
DO NOT pull rings open with fingers as this will cause the rings to misalign and break.
Closing the Rings
Snap rings shut by applying slight pressure to the rings.
DO NOT press rings too hard with fingers.
DO NOT close rings on fingers or other vulnerable parts of the body.
Preserving the Strap
Carry the binder by hanging the strap over shoulder,using the shoulder pad as support or by holding the handle.
DO NOT sling overstuffed binder over the shoulder or hang the strap too low to the ground,therby putting excess weight on the components.
Preserving the Zipper
Pull the zipper evenly to open and close the binder.
DO NOT tug the zipper too hard or force a stuck zipper open or closed.
Filling the Binder
Place papers, folders, pencils, erasers, sharpners and other recommended items in their appropriate compartments.
DO NOT overfill the binder therby stressing out and potentially breaking or shortening the lifespan of the fabric, zipper, strap, sleeves and other components.
Pockets and Sleeves
Place recommended items in compartments.
DO NOT over-stuff or stretch compartments.
File Folders
Fill files with loose papers and other documents.
DO NOT store sharp or bulky items in files.
Cleaning the Binder
Use a water dampened cloth to gently brush the binder material inside and outside.
DO NOT use harsh detergents or bleaches.


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