The Stripe Pouch



Forget your pencil? Have problems with your calculator falling out of your folder? Trying to juggle carrying too many hand-sized items between classes or offices and getting frustrated when you drop them? Maybe you don’t but your child does? You’re not the only one, and that’s why many benefit from having a pencil case like The Stripe Pouch in their lives. Like other pencil cases, The Stripe Pouch helps keep your writing utensils together in an easy-to-remember place. However, Case•It ’s The Stripe Pouch is about more than just pencil or pen storage. It’s one of the best pencil cases out there, even more so when you consider cost versus value. Why? Because the Stripe Pouch is a pencil case organizer. More than just a zippered pocket to throw items into, this highly functional case contains a mesh pocket inside it as well as an elastic loop on the outside that’s capable of holding your phone or TI calculator. Plus, loops inside help you keep your favorite pens and pencils within quick and easy reach. Multiple colors to choose from make it customizable to you while the reinforced grommets provide superior durability and fit all standard 3-ring binders for your convenience. The Pouch is ready to go with you anywhere! Kids can carry it from class to class, attach it to their binder, or place it easily within their kid’s desk at school or at home. The same goes for adults since The Pouch’s practical design and fun color choices make it appealing and useful for any age. So, whether you want a practical pencil case or one that gives off a cooler vibe, The Pouch is a zippered pencil case you can’t go wrong with!

Weight 0.15 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 8.299 in

Green, Pink


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