The King Sized Zip Tab Binder



The demands of a school or workday can be intense – especially when you’re constantly on the go and need to carry a large number of papers with you. The last thing you need is to waste time having to dig through your huge stack of papers to find just what you need…

Luckily the King-Sized Zip Tab from Case•it is the perfect zipper binder to make sure all your papers stay grouped together. In fact, this binder can hold up to 800 sheets of paper, keeping them well-organized and protected as you’re on the move from place to place. The King-Sized Zip Tab is built with 4-inch D-shaped rings. This D shape will increase your efficiency because the straight side of the “D” allows pages to be stored more efficiently so you can use more space effectively.

In addition, included with this zipper binder is a 5-tab expandable file folder which can help you keep all your papers organized by project or by subject, keeping you organized and efficient. Another important benefit of the King-Sized Zip Tab is the ability to access your file folders without needing to open up the whole binder. This is possible with our special gusseted zipper design. In addition, the patented angled U-shape zipper makes it easy to keep the guest out of your way when you want to open up the binder in order to take notes.

Unlike other zipper binders that use PE board in their construction, the King-Sized Zip Tab is, like all of Case-It’s binders, constructed with a durable Kraft board to prevent warping or buckling. Also, this binder comes with inside mesh pockets, so in addition to all your papers, you can also organize professional supplies and school accessories – including your favorite pens and pencils. The King-Sized Zip Tab also comes with a shoulder strap and handle for easy carrying. When you want to express yourself with a zipper binder that is practical, high-quality. and culturally connected, there’s a King-Sized Zip Tab from Case•it that’s perfect for your style.

Weight 2.16 oz
Dimensions 5.118 × 13.189 × 13.11 in

Black, Blue, Green, Kelly Green, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Red


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