The Duals NOW Customized for Coupons

Submitted by Caseā€¢it on Thursday, 11 October, 2012

We're listening and hearing what you're saying. It's our mission to give our customers the best binders in the world designed to make your lives more organized, more efficient and just plain easier.

For you couponers, we've just launched "Coupon Central" at, where you can find the best binders for collecting, organizing and filing away those money-saving clippings.

The Dual-100, Dual-250 and The Big Daddy Dual-500 binders have been repackaged with a 10-pack of coupon sleeves, a pencil case holder and more for those of you who want to organize their coupons to unlock their money-saving potential and save more of everything in the end. We call these coupon-ready binders the Dual-100 CPN, the Dual-250 CPN and the Dual-500 CPN.



All are on sale for 10 percent off for this month only!

Check out "Coupon Central" to see what's inside these amazingl binders and discover all the great stuff you can fit in there.

We have links to coupon-related sites and articles that you may be interested in, We share tips and advice with you regularly from the "Ways to Organize" blog form that page. There are also other related binder and accessory products on display for you to check out at "Coupon Central."

See you there!






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