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Case•it's numerous interchangeable accessories are designed to fit any standard three-ring binder. In addition to offering additional storage, our various styles of accessories hold pens, paper, electronics and much more securely and conveniently.

Our zippered binders hold the accessories safely inside the binder

It's easy to add and remove the accessories from your binder. Simply unsnap your binder rings and take your accessory anywhere you want to go. You can switch them from one binder to another without any hassle.

Durable Kraft Board

The infrastructure of Case•it binders is constructed of a durable Kraft board, which is manufactured from natural wood pulp. The Kraft board is used as the foundation of our binders to increase its sturdiness and resilience to impact and bending.

Case•it takes pride in the fact that our Kraft board is substantially stronger than the industry standard, PE board, used by many of our competitors, as the PE board is made of a thin plastic and is prone to warping.

Our Kraft board never warps. It’s sturdy and yet malleable, making it the perfect material for our customers who need a binder that can take a beating and still hold it together.

Tab File Folders

Case•it's tab file folders enable you to organize your paperwork readily by placing it in these labeled tabbed pouches. All files are designed to fit standard paper and are roomy enough to carry several stacks or documents and notepaper.

Colored labels are provided and attached so you can easily identify where you placed your paperwork.

It's convenient for anyone who wants to keep track of several topics at once. The tabbed file folders can do the work of several notebooks or a few small binders.


Case•it's binders include pockets inside and outside for safe keeping and easy access. The pockets snuggly and securely fit iPods, cell or smart phones and other electronics. The sleeves and pouches are also perfect for storing and carrying your basic supplies between classes and to and from school and the office.

Case•it knows that providing our customers with solutions to their organizational concerns is about coming up with new ways to bring order to life. Our pockets are one more way we accomplish that for you.

Keychain Rings

Case•it knows that our customers have more than just school and work on their minds each day. Our customers have responsibilities and concerns outside of class and work.

Our keychain rings are one small way we acknowledge this. The keychain lock system in our binders is our answer to so many lost and misplaced keys.

The rings lock securely around your keys and hang conveniently inside the zippered compartment. This allows you to easily find and retrieve your keys while also protecting them from falling off as you go about your day.

Thank you, Case•it.

Angled Zipper Gusset

Case•it’s angled zipper gusset enables you to write freely without the gusset getting in your way. Simply unzip your binder, lay it flat and get down to the business or writing, taking notes and keeping important records.

It’s easy and convenient for anyone who needs to access their binder easily and at a moment’s notice.

Roomy Dual-Rings

With two sets of rings designed to maximize the binder's capacity, this unique and roomy design from Case•it allows you to store twice as much as a standard ring binder.

In addition, Case•it includes patent pending hold-down pages, which allow you to secure each side of your stored paper and documents individually. This configuration can be found on Case•it's Dual-100 and Dual-500 binders.

Sleeves and Pouches

All of Case•it’s binders feature our highly styled sleeves and pouches for storing materials snuggly and securely. The sleeves and pouches are perfect for storing and carrying supplies between classes and to and from school or the office.

Case•it is continually looking for ways to simplify your life and ease the burden of keeping track of all your growing list of electronic items and accessories. These small compartment are the perfect antidote to all the clutter.

This is just one more way Case•it is helping you to "make the grade".

Handle and Shoulder Strap

Almost all of Case•it’s binders feature a handle and padded shoulder strap. The handle and strap are perfect for carrying your binder between classes, to and from school or work and from any one destination to another. The strap fits neatly and comfortably on either shoulder.

As Case•it’s mission is to simplify your life and ease the burden of keeping track of all your supplies and electronic items, we want you to be organized as comfortably as possible.


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